NASCAR’S greatest race is also the hardest race

NASCAR'S greatest race is also the hardest race

DAYTONA, FL (WFLA) – Every year, the NASCAR season commences with the Incomparable American Race. What’s more, in the event that you win the Daytona 500, your life changes.

It’s one reason the race drivers need to win the most. Another reason? It may be the hardest race to win.

Regardless of whether a driver has won the Daytona 500, or is as yet pursuing that checkered banner, every one of the drivers beginning Sunday’s race long for winning it.

“My most loved piece of the entire week is going to the green banner in light of the fact that there’s simply extremely no expectation like it that we encounter whatever is left of the year,” said Kevin Harvick.

Be that as it may, they run about with various mentalities, similar to when to sit back.

“I’ve discovered that I have to quiet myself down and not be so forceful making moves,” Harvick said.

Or on the other hand when to push.

“You go out there and be forceful, get what’s yours and endeavor to place yourself in the position to win the thing toward the end,” said Joey Logano.

Yet, winning isn’t a done without conclusion for any driver. Jimmie Johnson’s won it twice. He’s the main driver in Sunday’s field with numerous Daytona 500 triumphs. What’s more, he’s one of just eight drivers in the race that have made it to triumph path.

However, he’s had a current string of misfortune that shows that it is so rare those triumphs. He smashed out of a year ago’s race. Furthermore, simply this week, he battled with a couple of accidents in a preparatory race.

“When you turn out on its opposite side and win, there’s such a novel feeling at a plate track that it sort of exceeds all the dissatisfaction. There are more disappointing days than energizing days,” Johnson said.

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